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Understanding Child Support in Massachusetts

Divorce cases involving children often require a court decision regarding which parent should have physical and/or legal responsibility. Whether granted joint or sole custody, physical custody designates where the child will actually live. The parent who the child resides with most of the time is considered the custodial parent. The non-custodial parent may be required […]

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Massachusetts Grandparents, Know Your Rights Regarding Visitation and Custody of Your Grandchildren

When it comes to grandparents’ rights, Massachusetts laws can be tricky to navigate. However, grandparents do have financial, visitation, and custody rights under certain circumstances. To utilize such rights, legal assistance might be necessary to help you take action. Grandparents today are frequently faced with decisions about what is best for their grandchildren under challenging […]

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How to Land on Your Feet After Divorce

Divorce takes a toll emotionally, physically, and mentally on everyone involved. It’s not uncommon for individuals going through a divorce to want to curl up in bed all day and abandon all responsibilities. As tempting as this sounds, it’s not practical. In fact, doing so can even make things worse. The first step to landing […]

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Follow These 5 Steps if You’re Involved in a Serious Automobile Accident

Despite advancing technology in auto safety, millions of car accidents still result in injury. If you’re involved in an automobile accident in Massachusetts, there are several steps to protect your rights and maximize your payout. Knowing how to navigate an experience resulting in a personal injury or property damage can go a long way in […]

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10 Questions To Help You Create Your Will

Creating a will not at the top of your to-do-list? Maybe it should be! Creating an estate plan is one way to ensure your family is taken care of, and your wishes are carried out in the future. Having a will isn’t just for the uber-rich or elderly. In fact, everyone should have a will […]

COVID and Landlord Liability

Introduction In these unprecedented times, both residential and commercial landlords are facing numerous questions and challenges. Among these is the question of preventing COVID-19 infections on one’s own premises and the possibility of being held liable for a tenant, customer, or visitor being injured as a result of infection. While the particular concerns and mitigation […]

Mistakes to Avoid During Alimony Negotiations

As a Massachusetts resident going through a divorce, you’re not alone. No matter your reason for divorce, one of the most contentious issues that arise in any divorce is the subject of alimony. Alimony payments—also known in some states as “spousal support” or “maintenance” is the legal obligation that a supporting spouse pay to the […]