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Child Custody and Child Support

Haverhill Child Support Attorney

Andover and North Andover, Massachusetts, Custody Lawyer

Child custody and child support matters are often emotionally charged and can take a toll on all of the parties involved. We at the Haverhill, Massachusetts, law office of Phillips, Gerstein & Channen, LLP, believe that matters involving your children and family should be dealt with as efficiently as possible while minimizing the stress and impact on the children. We are knowledgeable family law attorneys who have a full understanding of the child support and child custody laws in Massachusetts. A lawyer at our firm can meet with you, explain your rights and determine the best way in which to pursue a resolution to the case. Located in Haverhill, Massachusetts, we serve clients in Andover, North Andover, the surrounding communities and throughout the metropolitan Boston area.

Do you have questions or concerns about child support or child custody issues? Contact a lawyer at Phillips, Gerstein & Channen, LLP, today to arrange for your free consultation. We can help you understand how you may meet your goals while preserving the best interests of the children.

Child Custody Lawyers

There are different types of custody arrangements that may be applicable to your situation. Many parents seek sole custody or joint custody based upon the amount of time they believe they are entitled to have with the children. These are terms that pertain to the physical custody of the children. Legal custody, which is the decision-making for the children, is often shared and joint, but may be assigned to a specific parent in certain situations. We can help parents understand their rights in custody cases, helping to create parenting plans when necessary. Visitation rights may be sought for parents who have not been awarded any type of physical custody.

Child Support Attorneys

Child support is the amount of money that is ordered to be paid by one parent to the other in order to support the health and well-being of the couple’s children. The amount of money that must be paid is calculated by using a formula, which is established by state-set guidelines. We fully understand how the Massachusetts child support guidelines work, and can evaluate your case to determine how much money you could potentially be owed or ordered to pay.

Changes to Established Orders

When a client needs to make a change to an already established child support or child custody order, the modifications must be made through the courts in order to make the new order legal and enforceable. We handle initial child support and child custody cases, as well as modifications and enforcements.

Contact a Haverhill Child Support Lawyer Today

Whether you are dealing with child support and child custody as part of a divorce or not, let us help you understand your rights and options. Contact our firm today to arrange your consultation at the office of Phillips, Gerstein & Channen, LLP.

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